5 Animal Charities Changing the World


As a follow up to a previous article I wrote, The Top Five Reputable Animal Charities, I thought it would be a great spring board to this article. There are so many worthy charities that do great things. Here are five I found to be very worthy and their donations are being allocated to the right places. You can search Charity Watch if you wanted to verify reputability.

Keep in mind not all charities will show up on the Charity Watch list. For example, a smaller charity may be very reputable but fall under the radar.


Elephantopia is an organization that is near and dear to my heart as I have watched them slowly grow. I recently joined their Board and am really impressed how much they have done to bring awareness for elephant conservation! Their mantra is simple and highly effective: Save Elephants, Build Community.

The two goals, Save Elephants, Build Community, are inherently linked together. Elephantopia works to build a community of people (local, national, and international) who are committed to raising awareness about elephants and ending the ivory trade. They have partnered with GRI Elephant Orphanage Project in Zambia and are committed, with the support a community of people like you, to covering the costs of Kavalamanja (Kavala for short).

Kavala is a beautiful elephant orphan cared for at the GRI Elephant Orphanage Project in Zambia. Kavala’s mother was shot by poachers in 2011. The mother’s body was found by the Zambian Wildlife Authority with tiny baby droppings surrounding her, but no calf. Three weeks later a weak an emaciated elephant orphan was spotted in the area on the banks of the Zambezi River in Rufunsa GMA. At approximately 10 months old, Kavala was in desperate need of milk formula but had managed to survive on vegetation throughout that time. Elephantopia is raising money to help this orphaned elephant survive. What does this entail? Food, medicine & shelter for Kavala and the caretakers who watch over her twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. For one year, the total costs incurred by GRI Elephant Orphanage are about $12,000USD. Elephantopia is a smaller 501(c)3 nonprofit organization making a BIG difference. So what are you waiting for? JOIN THE HERD with Elephantopia today!


Marina Tarashevsce,  the founder of Dogrrr, and Hero the rescue who was featured in many news articles

Marina Tarashevsce, the founder of Dogrrr, and Hero the rescue who was featured in many news articles

Dallas Dogrrr (Rescue.Rehab.Reform) rescue street dogs in Southeast Dallas, TX. The Dallas area has a big problem with dogs being dumped in parks and other areas. This has become a serious issue and needs to be addressed as a blog in the Dallas News discusses.

They are not a 501c3 and rely solely on their volunteers and donations. Here’s one of the reasons Dallas Dogrrr made my list. They are a group of dedicated animal loving volunteers who help collect supplies, rescue, foster, donate, and share information to help Marina Tarashevsce, the founder, rescue animals in dire need of help. Every penny donated goes directly to paying the ongoing vet bill at Mercy Animal Clinic and to Camp Diggy Bones for boarding the dogs they don’t have fosters for. They don’t even have administrative or any other kind of fees. Everything they do goes directly to helping the animals in need.I heard about this group when I read an article in The Daily Mail. The networks got wind of this amazing story and Fox news interviewed Marina, as well! Dallas Dogrrr (Rescue.Rehab.Reform) is in process of setting up their website but if you are interested in helping them or learning more, check out their Facebook page. They are doing amazing things to help animals in dire need for a community that really needs all the help they can get .


Mable and I at a Noah's Arks Rescue event. Her hair was slowly growing back.

Mable and I at a Noah’s Arks Rescue event. Her hair was slowly growing back.

Noah’s Arks Rescue is a group I have visited twice at their rescue events in South Carolina. Jennifer Smith (President) , her staff and volunteers are nothing short of amazing for helping those animals who need it the most! Noah’s Arks Rescue is a unique not for profit organization that supplies emergency medical / surgical care and provides rehabilitation to abused animals. They are not a shelter. Their mission is to bring awareness to all the abused animals in this country that are being euthanized instead of being helped. In many cases, Noah’s Arks Rescue is the last resort for the animals that are taken into their program. Check out out their website and see how you can help, too!


Hope for Paws is another rescue organization I have followed since the beginning. They are a 501-c3 non-profit in Los Angeles founded by Eldad and Audrey Hagar. Hope for Paws rescues those animals who are in dire need of help and their message is simple, “Stop abuse thru education. Spay/Neuter because pets are part of the family.” In the last couple of years, their rescues have received nationwide attention. For example, Fiona’s rescue made it to many digital media sites and network television! It was a great way to bring awareness to their cause. Hope for Paws also collaborates with The Bill Foundation and other rescue organizations to make some of their more difficult rescues possible. They are an amazing group of people who sole purpose is to help those animals who are helpless and overlooked in most cases. Hope for Paws YouTube channel videos show the difficulties and challenges they face trying to rescue these animals. It takes a special person(s) with a big heart to facilitate these rescues so there is a successful outcome. Check out Hope for Paws to learn more and see how you can help!


Elephant Voices is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit in California. Their mission and goal is to inspire others about the intelligence, complexity and voice of elephants. They want to advance the study of elephant cognition, social behavior and communication so they can scientifically and ethically manage the care of elephants. Co-founder, Dr. Joyce Poole, is one the leading pioneer researchers on African elephants. She was the first to discover that male bull elephants went through musth and all elephants have vocal imitation which they can communicate for long distances. I love Elephant Voices because they make science fun for everyone and that’s a great way to get spread the message about the importance of elephant conservation. I can’t wait to see one of her lectures…Fingers crossed!

See how you can help elephants by clicking here.

ALL five charities started out through grass roots effort and the will to make a positive difference in this world for animals and their communities. That’s pretty awesome, wouldn’t you say? In the famous words of Albert Einstein, “If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals.”

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