Cannabis Culture & Celebrating 420!


If you have ever smoked cannabis, knew people that smoked cannabis, or just went to high-school any time after 1970 then you probably have heard of “420”. Apparently, in 1970 a group of high-school students, known as the Waldos, from San Rafael CA began using the term “420” as a code word for smoking cannabis, aka marijuana. Since then the term caught on and stuck. According to Chris Goodwin and Jeremiah Vandermeer of Cannabis Culture, “in 1995, a group of marijuana activists from Vancouver working for Prince of Pot Marc Emery had the brilliant idea that 420 could mean more than smoking pot twice a day bur also an entire day of celebration if writing as 4/20.” Since then the so called holiday has been adopted around the world with tons of rallies and peaceful marijuana smokers just celebrating the plant they love.

Cannabis culture has evolved quite a bit over the past 40 years considering the history currently being made today. It went from “Reefer Madness” lies to legalization. Public acceptance has increased dramatically as more people learn that what they were once told was all lies and propaganda.

Original trailer for “Reefer Madness”

As it becomes more accepted more research is finally being completed and showing amazing results for many medical benefits including cancer. Even an extensive study done by none other than Dr. Donald Tashkin found no link between marijuana and lung cancer. It found no pulmonary impact due to the unique properties of the plant. This was a shock to Dr. Tashkin. You can read more about his study here.

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The fight for people’s right to embrace this plant continues and as the tides of public education and opinion shift the old stigmas wash away.

For all those that celebrate have fun and be safe!

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Check out the crowds puffing away at this 2013 hemp festival in San Fran

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