How Hampton Creek is Changing the Food and Beverage World [videos]


“About 1.8 trillion eggs are laid every year around the world, and most come from places that are destructive to the environment and pretty brutal on animals,” explains Josh Tetrick, Hampton Creek’s co-founder and CEO. So, what is the mission of Hampton Creek?

Direct from their website, it states:

    “Hampton Creek is a company dedicated to making it easy for good people to do the right thing. Whether you’re a hip college student or a single mom raising two kids, everyone should be able to eat delicious food that’s healthier, sustainable, and affordable.”

This is what we here at The Blue Dot Post love to see and share with the world. People with good values, doing the right things for the right reasons. It’s not always easy to do when playing by the rules of today’s game.

This SanFrancisco based startup began in 2011 and has been making waves as one of the most disruptive food and beverage companies out there today. Currently, CNBC’s 2014 Disruptor 50 list ranks Hampton Creek as number 36. Not bad at all.

Just Mayo

Just Mayo

Their first two egg and dairy free products, Just Mayo and Just Cookies are available in mom and pop shops but also have distribution deals with major stores such as Whole Foods, Costco, Safeway, Amazon and now Kroger. This fall, Just Mayo, plans to hit the shelves at Walmart, which will be a huge potential boost reaching the masses. Their products are also now in ParknShop stores in Hong Kong, representing the company’s first international distribution deal.

Tetrick invented Just Mayo because he believes intensive agriculture is damaging to animals and to the environment. But he has carefully avoided using such arguments to market his product. He wants to appeal to more than just the natural food store set. Tetrick says they always recommend that retail partners sell it for less than the category leader. Thirty ounces of Just Mayo costs between $3.99 and $5.49 with all of its retailers.

The lower price tag is important to Tetrick, who wants his offering to be accessible to as many people as possible. He thinks people do the wrong thing for their bodies and the planet because it’s the easy and cheap thing to do, not because they don’t care. “We’re trying to do is flip that on its head and make the right thing the better thing for the body and sustainability and the planet the ridiculously easy thing by making it affordable, by making it taste really good, by making it convenient,” he says.

Just Cookies

Just Cookies

The three-year-old company is also gaining scale with a just-finalized agreement with a large food service company that will get Hampton Creek cookies into cafeterias. “When people have our cookies, we don’t want them obsessed with, ‘Oh my God, this cookie is better for the world’,” Tetrick says. “We just want them to enjoy a nice chocolate chip cookie, but we like that that has an impact in making things a little bit better.”

Coming down the pipeline is a new plan to launch an alternative to scrambled eggs in the first quarter of next year, 2015. Tetrick acknowledges that the roll out of what the company is calling Just Scrambled could be more challenging for consumers from a psychological perspective since it’s a replacement for an actual egg, not just the egg as an ingredient. The company is considering launching Just Scrambled in Asia, where the environment is ripe for an egg replacement because of concerns around Avian flu.

Tetrick also claims Hampton Creek has found a plant variety that is “just a hyper-efficient source of protein.” He says there’s no timeline to commercialize the product, but he and his team are thinking about the possibilities. One notion would be to distribute it through the World Food Programme or in emerging markets where people live on less than $2 a day.

Tetrick says this is all just the start. So we look forward to seeing what else comes out of this amazing startup who are doing things for the right reasons that benefit everyone.

A thumbs up for Hampton Creek in the name of progress!

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