Learn the Truth about the Canned Lion Hunting Industry


The article about Walter Palmer and Cecil the Lion stirred many emotions in lots of people. Obviously, many (including myself) were angry and disappointed this individual decided to hunt and kill such a majestic, beautiful and not to mention endangered animal.

Aside from hunting,there is an industry that perpetuates an endless cycle of inevitable death for these big cats. The canned lion hunting industry. It’s a dirty little secret that has many people fooled. Blood Lions is a compelling and eye-opening documentary that has blown the lid off this industry. Environmental journalists, Ian Michler and Rick Swazey dig deep to find the truth into South Africa’s hunting industry.

Did You Know?:

  1. Currently, there are almost 8 000 predators being held in cages or confined areas, and none of this has anything to do with conservation.
  2. Canned hunting is the practice of hunting an animal in a confined space from which it cannot escape.
  3. Canned hunting is one of South Africa’s most lucrative industries.
  4. The lucrative business of canned lion hunting directly correlates to the cub-petting business.
  5. There has not been a known successful lion reintroduction using captive bred and reared lions into any reserve or free-range park in South Africa.
  6. Lion conservationists have warned that captive bred lions are not suitable for reintroduction programs.

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Check out the Blood Lions documentary trailer below to learn more. Together, we can make a difference and help bring mass exposure to this secluded industry!

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