Louie Schwartzberg: Changing Our Lives By Making The Unseen, Seen [video]

A flea close upA flea close up

If you have not heard of Louie Schwartzberg then today is your lucky day. He is a person with a great vision and talent not to be missed. The human eye is a quite a masterpiece made up of over 200 million working parts; however there is a lot we as humans cannot see in this world. This is where Louie Schwartzberg steps in. He is a producer, cinematographer and artist that is known as a pioneer in the use of time-lapse technology. He shows us the world we cannot see, things that are too small, fast, slow or vast for the human eye to see. He dives into strands of DNA like never before and shows the earth in motion as a living organism. It can be an overwhelming experience at times so hold on to your seat.

“I love to use film to take us on a journey through portals of time and space, to make the invisible visible”, says Schwartzberg.

Schwartzberg has several films and Ted Talks that demonstrate these amazing explorations in various ways. The film “Wings of Life” which is narrated by Meryl Streep was inspired by one of nature’s critical, yet vanishing, pollinators, the honey bee. His most recent film, “Mysteries of the Unseen World” is in 3D IMAX format using time-lapse technology and nano-photography.

What I like best about his work is that is truly helps shape perspective by demonstrating the connections between humans and the existing systems around them. It’s a humbling experience. His latest TED Talk, “Hidden Miracles of The Natural World”, has over a million views and really jolted me emotionally. This includes a time-lapse of our home, earth, unlike anything ever seen before.

Keep an eye the development of his work. It’s well worth a few minutes of your time and who knows what new doors he will open that transform all our lives.

What Schwartzeberg’s latest TED Talk – “Hidden Miracles of The Natural World”

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Wow, very interesting article! I wish more people were aware about the big picture issue of vanishing honeybees….