One Small Thing I learned About Money That Makes a Big Difference


We live by certain rules and systems and one of those is the monetary system. Using money to obtain even the bare necessities of life. Paying to live on Earth. If you think about it, for the most part our freedom tends to go as far as our wallet will allow. You want to travel to Italy or eat at a great restaurant then you need to have money to trade for those services. Otherwise, your choices are limited. Money played it’s role over a hundred years ago but today there a lot of reason someone might hate money – corruption, war, poverty, theft, environmental degradation, poor resource management, animal abuse and the list goes on.

If you’re anything like me, you hate managing budgets and watching every dollar. I always thought to myself, “how is that a way to live?” On top of that I despised the monetary system for all the reasons listed above. Clearly, it’s a problem but nevertheless it’s required today if you want to have any type of decent lifestyle.

On a personal note, several years ago I began to think that there was no way I would ever live out my days in a cookie cutter fashion where I work in a corporate job until I’m 65 years old and then finally “retire” and live a life. Living a “life” is very different than making a “living”. Going through our school system today is like an assembly line. When you’re done you’re ready to make a “living” in the established system. Ready to become a “worker”.

To educate myself, I read a lot of books and attended many webinars to hear from experts. Topic varied and included areas like human behavior, business, personal development and biographies of successful /iconic people. All of them including Gandhi’s biography stated that learning to manage your money while living in a monetary system is critical.

At this point my savings account always fluctuated around the same number. If I got a bonus at work it would spike but then always found its way back to that same status quo.

After sitting in on a webinar with life coach and business man, T. Harv Eker, I decided to research his publications. Could I endure yet another book that tells me a bunch of vague impractical garbage? Well, I had to keep trying to find something that worked for me so the answer was yes. It was called, “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.”

This was hands down my personal favorite because it focused on human behavior and shared solid insights. It worked for me. There are aspects that may be regarded as “hokey”, however they are done for a reason, to break old habits. I have read that book several times now. It’s always easy to slip back into old habits so I continue to read it every so often to reinvigorate the valuable principles it teaches. Since the first time I read that book my wife and I made dramatic changes which all started from the way we thought about things. Our savings account is no longer floating at the same status quo.

At the time of reading the book I was the guy that hated money. I still have my issues with it but learned there is no sense at being hateful towards money itself. It humanity’s choice to use money as a social solution. People can’t imagine life without it because it’s all they know. Until we change our thinking and decide to stop using money as a social solution we have no choice but to make the best of it so we can contribute more to the world.

The one small but very important thing I learned about money that makes a big difference:
If you hate Nike shoes would you have many Nike shoes? If you hate pizza, would you have much pizza? If you hate money would you have much money? The answer, probably not. I never really thought about it like that but it made a lot of sense to when explained in detail in the book. Money is result of action you take and the action you take is a result of the thoughts you have.

Such a simple concept that so many people neglect to put into practice. We all say, “yeah I know that”, but knowing it and actually doing it are very different. Likely, you have a current habit that was developed by learning from your parents, what they said and how they treated money, in addition to all your other experiences in life. So, you can’t just change your whole thought process over night, it takes time and effort to train your brain a new habit. Even if you come into a pile of cash you will likely spend it or subconsciously sabotage yourself since you don’t like money. My account always went back to that same comfortable status quo.

All in all, this was the only book that really resonated with me and got me results. As mentioned, we made dramatic changes in our lives that lead to great shifts in our financial well-being. In today’s system, if you make more money and you’re a kind giving person, you will be able to contribute even more to the world as a kind giving person.

Of course, this may not be for everyone but it’s worth looking into. I highly recommend the book and believe it will help you financially as it addresses core underlying root challenges that stop people from making money.

We only recommend things that we believe in and feel offer you value. You can check out the book and it’s reviews at this link – “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”

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