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If you don’t already know, we are firm believers in the power of collaboration. So, we want to open the door to do just that.

We think people should have creative freedom to do what they are most interested in. If you believe in what we are doing and have ideas to help contribute to positive change that helps others, we would love to talk. We are now looking to build The Blue Dot Post team with passionate intelligent people who want to help.

We hope this is seen as an opportunity to get involved and pursue something of your own creative thought and desire. Let’s call it a beta concept for now and see what happens. We believe a lot can come from this type of effort and hope it will evolve to something more meaningful with your support.

I’m sure you have questions and we are happy to answer them, so please feel free to reach out. Our motive is not financial, however we are happy to discuss paid work based on your experience and time commitments.

Below, we have listed some quick thoughts of what a project may be but the ideas you have are probably far better. This is just for example.

  1. Start a new department at The Blue Dot Post
  2. Create a linking campaign
  3. Public Relations development
  4. Educational video series
  5. Documentary or short film development
  6. Short viral video series
  7. Start a campaigns to support a cause
  8. Create a Petition
  9. Social experiments
  10. Updates or improvement to The Blue Dot Post platform
  11. Anything else that offers people value

Serious suggestions only please. What we start, we plan to finish.

Contact us with your project idea at

We look forward to talking.

The Blue Dot Post

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