Steve Jobs: Secrets of Life [video]


This short video from Steve in 1995 really sums it up very nicely. No it’s not a tangible item and its not something you can go take a class for and learn. It’s perspective and some people see it and others do not. As we all grow up we are unavoidably influenced by the environment around us. People around us tell us how things are based on what they know, what we need to do to live well, and what’s “normal”.

We have all heard this run down of life before but we start as a child at the top of the funnel and work our way through it until we pop-out ready to work. Here’s how it goes – You go to school, take out loans for college, get a job to pay off college, get married, buy a house (one you likely can’t afford and take out another loan), have kids and try not to get into any trouble along the way.

Fortunately, not everyone agrees with that path and they have a different perspective. More and more people seem to be coming to this realization today. Has the wool been pulled over our eyes? Who are the people telling us this is the best way to go about things anyway?

What Steve Jobs discusses in this very short video seem to be the concept coined as “waking up”.

This is well worth a quick 1m45s of your life :)

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