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Our tagline is good to keep in mind. It states, “Inspiring change to enhance all human life and protect the environment“.

Please review our site to get familiar with the types of articles shared and their tone.

  1. Original or republished: We love original work and it’s preferred; however we are very open to republishing articles as well.
  2. Value: All work must provide value to the reader
  3. Fair & Legal: All work must adhere to copyright and faire use laws
  4. Grammar: All work must be grammatically correct and well written
  5. Credible: All work must be referenced with credible root sources when possible. Please includes links for all reference sources. We believe in backing everything up with real data and science.
  6. Self Promotion: Articles may include your social network links, bio, picture…etc. Submit them and we will add them appropriately at the bottom as you can see now in any article.
  7. Tone & Personality: The tone we aim for tends to be professional yet edgy. Positive but not shy to state the facts. Review our current material to get a good feel.
  8. Passion: Be passionate about your topic and have fun with it

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