The Heartwarming Must Watch Rescue of Blind Fiona [video]

Hope For Paws is an amazing rescue organization started by Eldad Hagar and his wife, Audrey. Their mission for the last eight years has been to help animals in this country who suffer and die every year due to negligence and abuse. Their videos follow them on rescue missions and are taken simply with their smart phone. Amazing people bring about amazing change. Through their efforts, they have also created a huge network of rescuers from all of the world on their Facebook page and YouTube. I remember reading about them many years ago when they first started. Their devotion and hard work brought attention to abused, neglected and and abandoned animals and what we can do to help. Their rescues have been featured in Huffington Post, CNN, Fox, and many other news and digital media sites. Pets are not ‘items’ that can be thrown away or exchanged. They feel pain, love, joy, mourning, and loss like we do. Animals help us whether it’s assisting the blind, finding people under the rubble after catastrophes, during war times, and so many other ways. Here’s one of Hope for Paw’s great videos that went viral a while back. Watch it until the end. The change is remarkable!

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