The Magic of the Amazon: A River That Flows Invisibly All Around Us

Here at The Blue Dot Post, we always have said that Earth, this Blue Dot we are apart of, is a living organism by definition. Watch this great Talk by Antonio Donato Nobre as he discusses science and philosophy that share a very interesting perspective and understanding. Antonio Donato Nobre researches the “ingenious systems” of the Amazon. His work illustrates the beautiful complexity of this region, as well as its fragility against a backdrop of climate change.

“The Amazon River is like a heart, pumping water from the seas through it, and up into the atmosphere through 600 billion trees, which act like lungs. Clouds form, rain falls and the forest thrives. In a lyrical talk, Antonio Donato Nobre talks us through the interconnected systems of this region, and how they provide environmental services to the entire world. A parable for the extraordinary symphony that is nature.”

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