The Maya Foundation in Bhutan – Rescuing Animals Who Need it Most


Do you remember waking up and reading or hearing the news about the devastating earthquake that occurred in Nepal earlier this year in April 2015? I do, and I am sure many of you out there do, as well. The devastation it caused in that part of the world was heartbreaking. Nepalese were finally getting some aid which was coming from all over the world. One thing I did not see or read much about were the animals that were stuck in this dire circumstance, too. I wondered what became of those animals. Then one day, as I was researching I came across an article about The Maya Foundation in Bhutan. Bhutan, though in close proximity to Nepal, did not suffer serious devastation, luckily. Due to this, they were able to help animals who were suffering greatly due to the earthquake devastation.

The Maya Foundation Bhutan was created in 2007 when it’s Founder, Jamie Vaughn, rescued her first injured stray dog in Paro, Bhutan. Since it’s inception, a two and a half acre rescue center and shelter has come to fruition in Paro! Now, it welcomes all species of animals from dogs and cats, to horses, mules, pigs, goats, cattle,snakes and birds to their shelter. Pretty Amazing!

“The Barnyard”, a part of the sanctuary, provides shelter to animals in need. These animals are typically found and brought to the sanctuary by kind citizens or referred by members of the Paro community. In many cases the animals are suffering from some type of illness, are orphaned, suffering from malnutrition or just plain neglect. The Barnyard has a simple yet important belief that all beings, including animals, deserve a chance at life with the help of proper care and love.

The founder, Jamie Vaughn, has a pretty amazing story as I came to find out from an article posted in The Dodo. Jamie Vaughn, originally from Virginia Beach, started “The Barnyard” due to her will and love for animals. The sanctuary now sits on two-plus acres on Paro, Bhutan at the foot of the Himalayas. It is now home to over 200 dogs, mules, goats, pigs and other rescue animals. What’s even more fascinating, the Dodo goes on to say, she taught herself how to creates prosthetic and slings for the rescue animals. For a remote area in this part of the world, it is an ingenious way to help the wounded animals at her rescue.

The fact remains there are very few animal sanctuaries in Bhutan. It is a known fact many Bhutanese, if given a choice, would pick Jamie to care for their animals than a local veterinarian. Why? Actions speak louder than words and the Bhutanese could see how much care and attention Jamie was giving the animals.

Check out this video about The Barnyard Sanctuary and what happens on a day to day basis:

Jamie Vaughn is passionate and driven person doing extraordinary things to help these abused and/or neglected animals get the proper care and love they need to survive. She makes this world a better place! Want to know how you can help? Here are three ways! :
1. Contact Jamie:
Founder/Director: Jamie M. Vaughan
Mobile +975 17641224

2. Support this much-needed sanctuary by checking out their facebook page and sharing!

3. You can also help The Maya Foundation/The Barnyard Bhutan Animal Rescue & Sanctuary by donating. All proceeds go directly to the sanctuary to help these well deserving animals!

I think Charles Darwin said it best, “The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.”

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