The World Nature Organization Treaty is Now in Full Force!


Year after year, more attention is being drawn to the protection of our habitat. As the 5th assessment report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change states, countries around the world are already experiencing the real impact of global warming, climate change and other devastating natural disasters.

In 2010 the World Nature Organization (WNO) was created by states which are threatened by droughts and rising sea levels. During the past 4 years states supported the initiative. Now, we are very excited to announce that the intergovernmental organization has been established and as of May 1, 2014, the WNO treaty enters into full force!

The World Nature Organization is the very first intergovernmental organization dedicated to environmental protection on a global scale.

Their vision is to have humanity appreciate the value of nature and develop their economies in ways that are environmentally just. Humanity cannot survive without nature but even more importantly we must recognize that we are nature and are deeply interconnected on many levels. As stated in the WNO treaty, efforts are guided “by the wish that all human beings have secure access to natural resources, especially clean water and air.” From our perspective, this effort is a tremendous step in the right direction because it is driven by a new value system that puts life first, not money. It suggests a shift in thinking that is required for a sustainable future.

“The WNO dreams of a world in which states, governments, companies and every individual is engaged in the protection of water, soil, oceans, mountains and trees. The WNO envisions a humanity which gives nature a voice and values it as an all-encompassing basis of life.”

You can visit their website for more information here

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