Support World Elephant Day, 2015!

World Elephant Day, August 12, 2015

The very first World Elephant Day was launched on August 12, 2012 to help bring attention to the serious plight of African and Asian elephants. Hard to believe an animal so revered, loved and respected in many cultures around the world would be brought to this point of possible extinction.

Some reasons for this are:

  • Poaching
  • Habitat Loss
  • Mistreatment in captivity
  • Human-Elephant conflict

I believe all these issues could resolved in due time if local enforcement policies to prevent and stop poaching were addressed properly. There also needs to be tighter regulations for better treatment for captive elephants and, of course, if possible to reintroduce them back into their natural, protected sanctuaries. As a proud Board Member of Elephantopia I am a firm believer in the motto, Save Elephants, Build Community . Together, we can make a difference. Want to know how you can help elephants?

There are so many other ways but these are just a few . The most important thing we can do is to help bring this awareness to others. So, on this World Elephant Day, start making a difference!

FEATURE IMAGE: Thank You Paul Goldstein for thE beautiful photograph and helping elephant conservation.

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